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Ampetronic CMR3

Item Code: CMR3

Product Number: CMR3

The CMR3 Calibrated Measuring Receiver is designed for measuring the performance of audio frequency induction loop systems in accordance with the requirements of the international defining standard EN 60118-4.

This standard establishes the target field strength and frequency response of the induction loop system within the usable area.

Tolerances are established for the various parameters. The standard also defines an acceptable level for the interfering background noise, which must be measured.

This receiver is intended to be used as a calibrated probe with audio analysers and measuring equipment, including software based audio analysers running on portable or fixed computers. When used with a suitable signal source and analyser the magnetic field strength, background noise, frequency response and field distribution can be measured accurately.

Loop system performance and losses due to the presence of metal in building construction can therefore be assessed, and the equipment can be set up to satisfy the requirements.


CMR3 Brochure

CMR3 Manual

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