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Ampetronic ILD15BB
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Ampetronic ILD15BB

Item Code: ILD15BB

Product Number: ILD15BB

The ILD15 audio induction loop driver is a rugged amplifier primarily for lift applications or other rugged industrial environments. Correctly installed it will provide full area coverage in most lifts to IEC60118-4. The amplifier is constructed of a very robust steel housing, with vibration isolating connections and mountings to protect electronic connections, and is further protected by a Five Year Warranty from Ampetronic. The amplifier has two independently controlled transformer isolated inputs. The audio system is designed for excellent intelligibility and includes metal loss frequency compensation to correct for the metal structure of the lift car. Battery backup is available as an integral option if required.


ILD15BB Brochure

ILD15BB Manual




  • Robust industrial housing and vibration protection
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Two transformer isolated inputs (low impedance speaker line and 100V line options)
  • Metal loss correction
  • Battery backup option
  • Full area coverage to IEC60118-4
We have dealt with SAV Systems since the year our gymnasium was built in 2000.We have found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and accessible. Since then we have upgraded various microphones and amplifiers in the school and they have continue...

Athalee Ferris
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