Ampetronic ILR3

Item Code: ILR3

Product Number: ILR3

The ILR3 is a high quality audio induction loop receiver which allows the user to listen to an audio frequency induction loop system using a standard pair of stereo headphones (supplied). It has a vertically mounted pick up coil and a low cut filter function to emulate the performance of a hearing aid switched to the T position. It is therefore an essential tool for anyone installing maintaining or managing facilities fitted with induction loops providing them with immediate confirmation that the loop is running. (To measure the performance of an induction loop system, Ampetronic’s calibrated receiver CMR3 or field strength meter FSM should be used). In addition, it can be used by anyone without a hearing aid who needs a little extra assistance to hear.

Applications include

  • Checking that an induction loop system is working. Essential for installers, venue managers and event organisers
  • Recording the output of a loop system
  • Providing assistance to people without a hearing aid
  • Locating sources of interference
  • Checking loop coverage and spill


ILR3 Brochure

ILR3 Manual


  • Low distortion
  • Flat frequency response to 6KHz
  • Low cut filter—to simulate hearing aid response
  • Volume control
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Auto power off with headphone removal
  • 100 hours life with 2 AA batteries
The retirement village has a sound and audio system for our activity hall which has been altered and added to over the years making it cumbersome and user unfriendly. Our residents run varied activities that require use of the sound system and the...

Kitrina Britain
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