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Professional Quality Classroom Audio - The 820iR delivers the essential features necessary to amplify a standard classroom environment. This solution, available in a compact, affordable package, has a variety of speaker options that ensure professional sound quality reaches every student.


Speaker technology exclusive to RedCAT achieves best speech discrimination performance
NXT wave bending speaker technology – a cornerstone of the RedCAT system – allow high-frequency energy preservation broadcast in all areas of a standard classroom.

Prendergast, S. (2001). In the Journal of Educational Audiology, 9, 1-6 was able to demonstrate significantly better speech discrimination performance when using the bending wave speaker. Half-list presen tations of the California Consonant Test were administered to 31 third and 33 fourth grade students with normal hearing. The students were assessed using both the traditional and the bending wave speakers with the output set at +10 dB S/N. Results for the two listening conditions were statistically significant, with a mean score of 58.06% for the traditional speaker presentation and 65.68% for the bending wave speaker.

Speaker Option

CNXQ Flat Panel Ceiling Speaker
A single CNXQ speaker provides excellent speech intelligibility for classrooms with suspended ceilings between 2.7 and 3.6 meters.





NXQ Flat Panel wall Speaker
A single NXQ speaker is ideal for classrooms with solid ceilings as low as 2.7 meters, and delivers exceptional clarity of speech.




Traditional Speaker Solutions
For larger of multimedia classroom applications, we offer a line of traditional speakers. These speaker solutions cover classrooms up to 487 square meters and will deliver a full range sound.

DRQ Ceiling Speaker
Four DRQ speakers provide full range sound for classrooms with suspended ceilings between 2.7-3.6 meters.presentations and discussions.



WMQ wall Speaker
Four WMQ speakers are ideal for classrooms with solid ceilings as low as 2.4 meters, and cover the room with exceptional sound.




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  • REDMIKE - small, lightweight, easy-to-use microphone
  • Speaker choices to fit any classroom
  • 2 stereo audio inputs with volume control
  • 8-band graphic equalizer
  • Audio ouput for assistive listening and recording


Standard Carrier Frequencies (IR) 2.06/2.54 MHz
Power Output 12 W/Channel (24 W Total)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <1% @ 10 KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >73 dB
Ampli?er Frequency Response 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Audio Inputs (with volume controls) Two (2) Inputs (Stereo RCA)
ALD Output (with volume control) One (1) 3.5 mm
Dimension (H x W x D) 24.5 x 22 x 4.5


The sound system has been a valuable tool withi...

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