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DRQ - Ceiling Speaker
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DRQ - Ceiling Speaker

Item Code: DRQ

The DRQ is ideally suited for classrooms with suspended ceilings that are lower than 12 feet.

The DRQ is an excellent option for schools looking for a four speaker installed solution. The DRQ ceiling speakers fill a classroom with clear, even sound so that every child hears every word.

Product Highlights

  • Full range sound
  • Clean, flush mount installation
  • Easily mounts to acoustic ceiling tile
  • Reliable: 5-year warranty

Coverage Pattern

The DRQ is ideally suited for classrooms with suspended ceilings that are lower than 12 feet.


In rooms with lower ceilings it is best to project sound from a central ceiling cluster or a set of distributed ceiling speakers. In order to minimize reverberation it is important that sound not be directed squarely at walls and windows. The ideal sound system employs a single loudspeaker. Unfortunately, a single loudspeaker will not always adequately cover all room shapes and sizes. In larger or longer rooms, multiple loudspeakers can be used to achieve even sound. When using multiple loudspeakers, careful attention needs to be paid to keep loudspeaker patterns from interfering with each other. The DRQ™ Ceiling Speaker system uses four distributed speakers, directing the sound in a downward pattern that minimizes inter-speaker interference and produces even sound.

Premium 5-Year Warranty

Lightspeed Infrared Audio Systems and optional accessories are warranted against malfunction due to defect in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase. System components will be repaired or replaced at Lightspeed's option. Rechargeable batteries and connecting cables are guaranteed for six (6) months. Warranty does not extend to finish, appearance, or malfunctions due to abuse or misuse. Repairs performed by other than Lightspeed Technologies will void this warranty.

DRQ Product Specifications

Two-way speaker system

Driver Size:
6.5" driver; 1" horn

Frequency Response:
40 Hz - 20 KHz

8 ohms

Power Handling:
30 W

Overall Dimensions:
9.5" diameter; 5.5" deep

5.9 lbs.
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