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Rane Drag Net

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Drag Net is a Windows-based software application used to configure, control and monitor the RPM 88, RPM 44, RPM 22, RPM 2, RPM 2m and RPM 26z Programmable Multiprocessor family of fully configurable DSP based products and their remote controls. Drag Net features an intuitive drag-and-drop style user interface, with standard 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity for PC to RPM communication.

Drag Net™ incorporates familiar Windows file management tools and shortcuts, making the software easily self-taught or factory trained over the internet in just an hour.

Drag Net is the best customisable DSP solution for small to medium installations.


  • Inputs: Up to 8 mic/line plus AES3 digital (depending on the RPM model). Daisy-chain more with AES3 I/O.
  • Remotes: End user Levels and Presets can be assigned to Remotes, installed near the source or inside the zone.
  • Outputs: Up to 8 balanced line outputs plus an AES3 digital output (depending on the RPM model).
Just letting you know that the microphone has been FANTASTIC - I could actually speak when I got home last night !!!!

Deb Featherby
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