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Galleria Novares
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Galleria Novares

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Australia’s first ISF certified screen

The Galleria Novares screen has long been regarded as one of the best high resolution projection surfaces in Australia. This has now been formally recognized with certification by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

The most efficient way to deliver high quality large HDTV images has always been projection technology. When HDTV launched across the globe, video projector engineering technologies matured and sales surged.

The unsung hero in delivering high quality projected images is a precisely engineered projection screen surface. From delivering HDTV movies with accurate colour, to edge blending multiple projectors, to multimedia PowerPoint deliveries, screens engineered with “Flat Spectral Response” are required to enable the potential for excellent electronic imaging.

Joel Silver of Imaging Science Foundation says: “We are happy to congratulate Herma Technologies on the excellent performance of their ISF Certified Novares screens. Novares screens complement excellent video projectors and ensure that those projectors can be
professionally installed and seen in their best light - pun intended!”

Novares has a very fine optical structure that will recreate images without distortion or interference, and is the perfect partner for 1080p and above projectors.

Product CodeAspect RatioDiagonal (inches)Image w x h (mm)Frame w x h (mm)
LPM68N072H 16:9 72" 1600 x 900 1750 x 1050
LPM68N082H 16:9 82" 1830 x 1030 1980 x 1180
LPM68N092H 16:9 92" 2030 x 1140 2180 x 1290
LPM68N100H 16:9 100" 2210 x 1245 2360 x 1395
LPM68N110H 16:9 110" 2440 x 1370 2590 x 1520
LPM68N120H 16:9 120" 2650 x 1495 2800 x 1645
LPM68N140H 16:9 140" 3095 x 1745 3245 x 1895
XGNFB147H 16:9 147" 3250 x 1830 3400 x 1980
XGNFB155H 16:9 155" 3430 x 1930 3580 x 2080

Custom sizes are available. Please use next size up for pricing guide.
At time of ordering please request specifi cation sign-off from Herma.



  • Frame – Galleria fi nished with fl ocked black velour
  • Attachment method – EzyGrip
  • Projection surface is Novares (see Materials Info Sheet)
  • Wall Installation uses EzyMount
  • Maximum size – image height of 1930mm – welding of
    fabric is not recommended:
    – 4:3 127" diagonal
    – 16:9 155" diagonal
    – 16:10 143" diagonal
    – 2.40:1 194" diagonal
  • Screens are delivered fl at packed for assembly on site.
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