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Williams Sound WIR SYS4

Item Code: WIR SYS4

Product Number: WIR SYS4

The Language Interpretation System, model WIR SYS 4, is the ideal package for courtrooms that may be required to translate up to four languages simultaneously. Participants wear the RX22-4 body-pack style receiver to listen to the language of their choice. They can sit anywhere in a 11,000 ft2 area and can adjust the volume to meet their comfort level. For the hard of hearing participant, the RX22-4 receiver can be used with a neckloop (included) to amplify the participant’s telecoil equipped hearing aid. SoundPlus infrared technology ensures privacy and security: the message of the proceeding will not travel outside the walls of the courtroom.

The WIR SYS 4 is backed by a five-year warranty*

*90 days on accessories

System Components

Model Quantity
MOD 232 2
WIR RX22-4N 4
HED 021 4
NLK 001 1
BRK 024 1
RPK 006 1
TFP 027 2
50m RG58 2
WCA 068 1





Just letting you know that the microphone has been FANTASTIC - I could actually speak when I got home last night !!!!

Deb Featherby
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