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WMX Dimmer

WMX Dimmer

Item Code: WMX Dimmer
The WMX is a high-quality, wall-mounted, 12-channel (2.4KVA) dimmer rack specifically designed for contracting and theatre applications. The Jands WMX takes all the winning features that have made the FPX dimmer a big hit with touring companies and applies them to fixed-installation operations.

With its simple menu for configuration and test options and its highvisibility LED display panel, the WMX is perfect for small theatres, schools, boardrooms, and other permanent installations.

Supplied Accessories

  • Wall/rack mounting bracket
  • Operating manual

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Key Features

  • 12 x 10A dimming channels
  • DMX-512 digital control protocol
  • DMX-512 terminating switch
  • Soft turn-on characteristic
  • Opto-fired Triac output devices
  • Three mains phase indicator LEDs
  • ‘DMX-In’ LED for DMX-512 signal indication
  • ‘Fault’ LED for dimmer error condition indication
  • Digital DMX start channel display
  • Built-in test facilities
  • Dimmer curve set for linear relationship between the control input and output power
  • Compensates for fluctuations in the mains supply voltage and minimises the effect of superimposed control tones, ensuring a constant light output and increased lamp life
  • Microprocessor control
  • Single internal temperature-controlled DC fan
  • Single or three phase operation
  • Over-temperature cutouts
  • Pre-heat facility
  • Dimmer will hold last DMX value for a set time should control data be interrupted


Channels: 12
Power rating: 2.4 kW (10A/240V) per channel.
Power supply type: 3-phase, 240V phase-to-neutral (415V phase-to phase) with earth.
Power requirements: 3-phase 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 40A per phase max, full size neutral required plus earth.
Supply current: 40 Amps per phase (max.)
Main input connector rating: 40A
Dissipation: <1.0% of output load (288W max.)
Operating temp: 40°C max
Dimmer curve: Linear power
Output connectors: 12 x Australian 3-pin 10 amp connectors
Output risetime: > 110 μs (10% - 90%)
Output protection: 12 x 10A thermal/magnetic circuit breakers
Input connector: 5-pin AXR with loop-through socket and termination switch
Display: 3 x 7 segment, high brightness
Start Channel: Increment by 12 channel bank
Test facility: Individual channel on/off Phase/All 0,20,40,60,80,100%
Dimensions: 483mm(19”)(W) x 158mm(D) x 485mm (11RU)(H) including wall mounting bracket
Net/shipping weight: 19 / 23 kg


Thanks for your advice and fantastic service, the decision to buy our system from you has certainly made life easy, Thanks Again.

Dennis O