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Item Code: REDCAT Media

The REDCAT Media strengthens the connection between teachers and students with no audio compromises and immediate results.

The all-in-one system delivers high intelligibility of the teacher's voice, full-range sound for movies and music, and even distribution throughout the classroom.


Product Highlights

  • High quality classroom audio
  • No installation required
  • NXT™ technology for voice clarity
  • Cross-over technology for excellent multimedia sound


This money-saving, no installation, all-in-one audio system allows schools to put more audio in more classrooms.

In today’s environment of tight budgets, education professionals must save on time and dollars wherever possible.


REDCAT Media's sound is revolutionary. The advanced NXT™ speaker technology fills a room with clear sound. Low frequency speaker and cross-over technology adds rich bass for movies and music.


The all-in-one REDCAT Media is a true “plug and play” unit allowing schools to bypass complex, costly installation associated with traditional audio systems


No installation means no time-consuming logistics meetings, and cuts out installation hours altogether. REDCAT Media reduces time commitments school-wide.


REDCAT Media Classroom Audio Product Features

  • Infrared wireless technology
  • Two microphone channels
  • Multiple microphone options
  • No installation required
  • Hybrid speaker technology - vocal clarity and multimedia sound
  • Flat-panel speaker technology for excellent distribution of sound
  • Table-top or wall-mount
  • One (1) auxiliary output with volume (sends audio to personal FM system & recorder)
  • PageFirst™ Technology (optional add-on)
  • 8-band graphic equalizer
  • Integrated infrared sensors
  • Reflected IR light ensures constant reception
  • Alternate frequency groups available - 4 compatible channels
  • 5-year warranty (6 months on batteries)


Infrared Microphone Options

The REDMIKE® is a pendant-style wireless microphone that can be worn comfortably around the teacher's neck or used as hand-held for student use. The REDCAT Media is equipped with two independent channels allowing the use of two microphones simultaneously. Each system includes a single REDMIKE classroom microphone with an option to upgrade to the new REDMIKE®VC microphone with volume control.


Premium 5-Year Warranty

Lightspeed Infrared Audio Systems and optional accessories are warranted against malfunction due to defect in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from date of purchase. System components will be repaired or replaced at Lightspeed's option. Rechargeable batteries and connecting cables are guaranteed for six (6) months. Warranty does not extend to finish, appearance, or malfunctions due to abuse or misuse. Repairs performed by other than Lightspeed Technologies will void this warranty.


REDCAT Media Product Specifications

Power Output (System Total)
25 W Total

Frequency Response
60 Hz - 18kHz

Power Supply (UL Listed)
24V / 2.5A

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
> 77dB

Image and Spurious Rejection
> 70dB

Total Harmonic Distortion
< 1% @ 10 W

8-band Graphic EQ

Standard Sub-carrier Frequencies (iR)
2.06/2.54 MHz

Alternate Sub-carrier Frequencies (iR)
3.20/3.70 MHz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

22.25" x 4" x 16.75"
57 x 10 x 16.75cm

10.5 lbs
4.76 kg



Audio Inputs w/ Volume Control
(2) Stereo Inputs
(Dual RCA x1; 3.5mm x1)

iR Wireless Microphone Input

Sensor Input

24V/ 2.5A DC

PageFirst w/ sensitivity adjustment
(1) Euro-block


ALD/Aux Audio Outputs w/ volume control
(1) 3.5mm on Side Panel

Infrared Sensor


From Receiver/Amplifier

Reception Coverage
Rooms up to 1200 ft² / 110 m²
(ceilings 12 ft / 3.66 m or less)



Receiving Diodes


Environmentally Friendly

We have dealt with SAV Systems since the year our gymnasium was built in 2000.We have found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and accessible. Since then we have upgraded various microphones and amplifiers in the school and they have continue...

Athalee Ferris
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