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Item Code: Impact Series
For the price (think a lot less than you'd expect), the IMPACT50 TSB110 Subwoofer/Satellite combination may well be the best sounding system on the market. If you really want to IMPRESS your next client, demo a Turbosound IMPACT SERIES SYSTEM and walk away with the order. Turbo Impact Series is available in Black and White.

The Range


Passive 2 Way, 5" LF and .5" HF tweeter
Available in Black and White (other colours on indent)
100W rms / 200W program, 16 ohms. Includes bracket


As Above but with 100V Line Transformer
60/30/15w Tappings. Includes bracket


Passive 2 Way, 8" LF and .5" HF tweeter
Available in Black
200W rms / 400W program, 8 ohms



TSB 110 is a dual voice coil (two four ohm voice coils) subwoofer. It is intended for use with the Impact 50 and 80 speaker systems. The inputs drive the two voice coils by a 150hz low-pass first order crossover. The outputs drive the satellites and have a 150hz high-pass first order crossover. 600W Per Channel.


WB10 - Wall bracket for Impact 50
WB20 - Wall bracket for Impact 80-2
WB50 - Plastic wall bracket for Impact 50 (as supplied with each speaker)
CB55 - Ceiling bracket for Impact80-2
SB50 - Horizontal swivel bracket for Impact 50


Call (08) 8346 4444 for more information or click here to enquire.

Thank you for your assistance in the selection of sound field systems for St Therese School. I am very pleased with the quality of the systems. Students and staff now enjoy the benefits of having an integrated audio system in the classroom, link...

Jamie Blowes
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