MediaMatrix X-Frame88
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MediaMatrix X-Frame88

Item Code: X-Frame88

Product Number: X-Frame88

The X-Frame is a complete audio processing system which starts with an 8 input, 8 output fully programmable audio processor and is expandable to 24 inputs and 24 outputs.

The X-Frame88 is a stand-alone DSP processor with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. It can be expanded to 24 inputs and 24 outputs with the addition of two MM8802 Beak-Out-Boxes (BoB’s)

The X-Frame88 can be programmed via a laptop running XWare software, a simple “drag and drop” program which allows the system designer or installer to configure the entire signal path in any order they desire using the hundreds of audio processors, mixers and routers available in the software.

Once the design has been completed, the PC or laptop can be removed for set and forget applications, or a PC can be left connected for simple user control via a mouse.

Custom control screens with multiple levels or password access can be easily designed as part of the XWare software package. In addition to PC control, the X?Frame88 can also be controlled via analogue switches and pots, RS-485 serial control (AMX, Crestron etc), XControl wall panels, or via the front panel data wheel and preset buttons.

For the ultimate in flexibility and to use the DSP power as efficiently as possible, the X-Frame88 has software selectable sampling rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz allowing you to set a sampling rate that suits each installation, therefore making the most efficient use of your DSP power.

Two input cards are available for the X-Frame88 and BoB. These are line and mic/line and models. The two input cards are in groups of 4 channels and any combination of input cards can be ordered for both the X?Frame88 and BoB’s.

X-Frame88-1, 8 line inputs, 8 outputs
X-Frame88-2, 4 mic/line & 4 line inputs, 8 outputs
X-Frame88-3, 8 mic/line inputs, 8 outputs


  • 8 inputs, 8 outputs
  • Expandable to 24 in and 24 out
  • 2 input types available including line and mic/line
  • 4 control voltage inputs (8 on each MM8802) for control via switches, pots
  • RS-485 port for support of XControl wall panels and/or control via third party control systems such as AMX or Crestron
  • Hundreds of audio devices to choose from
  • 8 programmable front panel switches for presets (100 presets available via serial control)
  • 8 programmable level controls accessible via front panel data wheel
  • Software selectable sample rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz
  • 24 bit quantisation
  • LCD readout
  • Software control of all analogue and digital input/output levels
  • Four Motorola 56002 DSP’s
  • Full input and output metering for accurate setup and trouble shooting
  • RS-232 port for computer connection
  • Fault annunciation
  • Universal power supply
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