MediaMatrix XControl

Item Code: XControl

Product Number: XControl

XControl is a low cost remote control option for the X-Frame88 and NION systems. Fully configurable, XControl can be programmed to be anything from a simple volume control to a fully featured control panel with presets, source selection and multi-channel level controls.

XControl is available in three models:

4S: 4 switches
4L: 4 level controls
4x4: 4 switches and 4 level controls

The switches on the 4S and 4x4 can be set to be mutually exclusive (so that only one can be on at a time… great for selection of music sources per room), or they can be set so that each is an on/off toggle switch for turning zones or mics on and off.

The 4x4 features a secure mode where a ‘pin-code’ has to be typed in for the panel to be active. This is great for applications where the wall panel may be installed in public areas.

A single low cost power supply will power an entire XControl network and all panels simply ‘daisy-chain’ via low cost CAT-5 cable.

We have employed the services of SAV Systems for several years now at the Lodge. Their professionalism, service and price point are second to none, as is their equipment and how it is backed up once it is installed into our club, we highly recomm...

Brendan Ozolins
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