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General Microphones Accessories and Stands

Item Code: Microphone Stands
beyerdynamic is one of the headphone pioneers and milestones of its history are still reference products today. Our headphones have been built and perfected for all your applications; both, for professional applications and for the personal use.
GST400 Mic Stand with fixed length boom, 5/8” thread, height 0.90 - 1.65m plus boom
GST500 Mic Stand with telescopic boom, 5/8” thread, height 0.85 - 1.60m plus boom
GST590 Mic Stand (Short) with telescopic boom, 5/8” thread, adjustable height 34 - 60cm, e.g. for drums
ST600 Mic Stand with heavy round base, 3/8” thread, adjustable height
NR216 Threaded adapter, 3/8” outer and 5/8” inner diameter
NR217 Threaded adapter 5/8” outer and 3/8” inner diameter
MAV802 Multi-purpose mounting for 2 microphones (on one stand) for stereo recording applications
ZSK238 Stand clamp with short arm to attach second mic to upright of a mic stand
CV3OPUS Pre-amplifier for OPUS 51/54/55
MSG248-1 Phantom power mains-supplied power pack for 2 mics, for balanced and unbalanced inputs, EU 220 V
MKV5 Microphone clamp for MCE 5/6/10, black
MKV7BLK Microphone clamp for MCE 7, black
MKV8 Microphone clamp for shaft 22 - 32mm
MKV9 Microphone clamp for shaft 19 - 21mm
MKV11 Microphone clamp for shaft 32 - 42mm
ZSH20 Flexible shockmount fixture for SHM gooseneck mics with XLR male, black, with check nut
PS5 Pop shield for MCE 5, black
PS10 Pop shield for MCE 10, black
PS20-40 Pop shield for Opus 39,59,69
PS60-80 Pop shield for TG-X 60/61/80/81
PS81 Pop shield for Opus 81 and MCE 91, charcoal-grey
PS88 Pop shield for M 69/88, charcoal-grey
SWS86 Softie for MCE 86/87/836, incl. pistol-grip handle MZP 767
WS5 Windscreen for MCE 5 (foam), charcoal grey
WS7AZ Windscreen for MCE 7, charcoal-grey
WS7WS Windscreen for MCE 7, white
WS10 Windscreen for MCE 10 (foam), charcoal-grey
WS20SW Windscreen for SHM 20/21, TG-X 45, Opus 54, black, (also for DT 284/294/384/394)
WS20WS Windscreen for SHM 20/21, TG-X 45, Opus 54, white
WS30SW Windscreen for TG-X 30, Opus 55, DT 281/291, black
WS30WS Windscreen for TG-X 30, Opus 55, DT 281/291, white
WS53 Windscreen for Opus 53, MCE 530, MC 930 and M 424, charcoal-grey
WS58AZ Windscreen for M 58, charcoal-grey
WS58WS Windscreen for M 58, white
WS59AZ Windscreen for M 59/69/88/88TG, TG-X 60/80, Opus 39/59/69/81, charcoal-grey
WS72 Windscreen for MCE 72
WS88 Windscreen for SHM 800 series, charcoal-grey
WS91 Windscreen for MCE 58/MCE 91, charcoal-grey
WS97 Windscreen for Opus 62/67/82/87 and DT 280/290/297, charcoal-grey
WS101 Windscreen for M 101/201, Opus 83, MCE 84/93/94, MC 930, charcoal-grey
WS716 Windscreen for MC 836, MCE 86/87, charcoal-grey
WS717 Windscreen for MC 837, charcoal-grey
WS740-834 Windscreen for MC 740/834, charcoal-grey



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