Integrator Racks

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Australian Monitor has expanded its professional rack-mounting solutions with a fabulous range of practical, flexible, beautifully finished ‘Integrator Racks’.



Floor Standing Racks     Wall Mount Racks
  INT18 INT32 INT45 INT6 INT12
Description 18RU fl oor standing 32RU fl oor standing 45RU fl oor standing 6RU wall or desk mount 12RU wall or desk
Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 x 800 x 1050 mm
(On Wheels)
600 x 800 x 1620 mm (On Wheels 600 x 800 x 2200 mm
(On Wheels)
600 x 545 x 370 mm 600 x 545 x 635 mm
Net Weight 57.0 Kg (125.4 lb) 82.0 Kg (180.4 lb) 102.0 Kg (224.4 lb) 19.5 Kg (43 lb) 27.0 Kg (59.4 lb)
Shipping Weight 60.3 Kg (132.7 lb) 85.3 Kg (187.7 lb) 106.3 Kg (234 lb) 20.5 Kg (45 lb) 28.0 Kg (61.6 lb)
Total Weight Rating
(Including Rack)
600 Kg (1320 lb) 800 Kg (1760 lb) 800 Kg (1760 lb) 60 Kg (132 lb) 60 Kg (132 lb)


These sturdy installation racks offer an extensive range of features,
at an incredibly competitive price point:

  • All models come with internal cable management
  • All models come standard with perspex front doors and perforated metal rear doors
  • Larger models (18RU, 32RU and 45RU) come fl at packed for easy shipping (800 mm deep)
  • Easy construction for fl oor-standing models
  • 6RU and 12RU wall mount models come assembled to make installation even easier (545 mm deep)
  • High quality locks
  • Removable side panels
  • Vented top panel (lid)
  • Choice of castor or screw-in feet for the three fl oor-standing models
  • 6-way power board (INTPWB) available as an accessory


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