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Speedracks and Rack Accessories

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Flat packed for easy shipping, the Australian Monitor Speedrack offers cost-effective racking in 10, 18 and 21RU sizes. A full range of shelves, vent panels, blank panels, security panels is available in the Speedrack range.


Model Description
SRF10 10RU frame
SRF18 18RU frame
SRF21 21RU frame
SRPS10 10RU panel set (L, R and top). Includes fi xings
SRPS18 18RU panel set (L, R and top). Includes fi xings
SRPS21 21RU panel set (L, R and top). Includes fi xings
SRBP Bottom panel. Includes fi xings
SRCD10 10RU lockable door – clear
SRCD18 18RU lockable door – clear
SRCD21 21RU lockable door – clear
INTPWB 6 way power board



Model Description
SRT1 1RU tray
SRT2 2RU tray
SRT3 3RU tray
SRT4 4RU tray
SR4WS 4 wheel set
SRVP1 1RU vent panel
SRVP2 2RU vent panel
SRBP1 1RU blank panel
SRBP2 2RU blank panel
SRBP3 3RU blank panel
SRBP4 4RU blank panel
SRSCC2 2RU clear security panel
SRSCP2 2RU perforated security panel
RNBW20 20 piece cage nut, bolt and washer set
RNR-DR2U 2RU rack draw
RNR-DR3U 3RU rack draw


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