Ateis UAPG2, 412
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Ateis UAPG2, 412

Item Code: UAPG2, 412

Product Number: UAPG2, 412

The UAPG2 412 is a four input, 12 output expandable ‘drop and drag’ audio processing system with an impressive library of signal processing tools.

The UAPG2 is a comprehensive system which integrates pre-amplifiers, compressor-limiters and equalizers, as well as matrix and delay functions into one unit. Useful features like Automatic Gain Control, Feedback killers, Automatic Microphone mixers and Crossovers, Automatic Noise sensing, are also part of the UAPG2 DSP component library. Multiple PPM zone microphones can be used with UAPG2 to create a flexible and powerful zone paging system.

Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the client’s needs. Installers can select the audio processing features that they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs from a library on their PC, using software provided with the UAPG2. Once the configuration process is completed, it can be loaded into the UAPG2. All configurations can be backed-up onto PC and loaded into the UAPG2 as and when required.

The advanced 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, together with the 48/96 kHz capable audio processing and the ADSP 21371 DSP (266 MHz SIMD SHARC Core, capable of 1596 MFLOPS peak performance), guarantee an excellent sound quality with the lowest possible latency.

Up to 12 UAPG2’s can be linked for larger applications.





  • Four inputs and 12 outputs (expandable)
  • Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the client’s application
  • Excellent sound quality (48 and 96 KHz sampling rate)
  • Impressive array of signal processing tools
  • Easy to use PC software for system design and control (GUI)
  • Advanced Preset manager
  • Advanced event scheduler
  • Message player (up to 36 minutes in 8 bits and 48 kHz bandwidth)
  • Powerful microphone paging and remote control functions
  • Highly flexible input and output configurations
  • Eight fully programmable front knobs for quick adjustments access
  • 16 controls Inputs (either TTL or Analog) and 8 TTL Outputs for remote control and monitoring
  • Easy setup 3rd party control via RS232 or Ethernet
  • Ethernet and TCP/IP connection for easy system setup and remote control
  • RS485 connection for ATEIS remote devices:
  1. URC (Universal Remote Control)
  2. PPM (Programmable Paging Microphone)
  • Ability to digitally link up to 12 units and share 12 audio channels in 48 kHz or 5 audio channels in 96 kHz
I was very pleased with my purchase of a Portable PA system from SAV Systems, they listened to my requirements and were very knowledgeable of their products. As a celebrant I had specific needs which were more than met, the products were demonstr...

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