Peavey AA Digitool

Peavey AA Digitool

Item Code: Digitool

Product Number: Digitool

The Digitool MX from Peavey Architectural Acoustics is an 8x8 matrix/processing system and includes advanced parallel DSP processing, a multi-layer front panel display and multiple interface and control options. Signal processing is accomplished using two 24-bit parallel SHARC processors with a combined power of 120 Mips. The Digitool MX gives the system designer an economical alternative to design and is considerably more powerful than similarly priced components.

The Digitool MX’s host processor and non-volatile flash memory maintain user-defined configurations and allow interface via the unit’s front panel control and optional external control interfaces. Completely upgradable through a standard serial connection to a PC, the Digitool MX allows the system designer to upgrade to the latest version without removing the unit from the rack and disassembling the chassis.

An intuitive GUI is capable of displaying real-time audio signal activity, active presets and control information for audio processes, as well as monitoring critical variables such as internal cabinet temperature and power presence

Applications include

  •     Stadiums
  •     Auditoriums
  •     Performing Arts Centres
  •     Theatres
  •     Courts of Law
  •     Houses of Worship
  •     Theme Parks
  •     Arenas
  •     University Campus Buildings
  •     Clubs
  •     Hotel Meeting Rooms
  •     Conference Centres
  •     Schools
  •     Sports Bars
  •     Paging Systems
  •     Any facility requiring distribution of multiple line-level signals




  • Eight balanced analog mic/line inputs
  • Phantom power
  • Eight balanced analog line outputs
  • 24-bit A/D and D/A converters
  • Sixteen front panel dual-color LED indicators (eight input, eight output)
  • Three front panel parameter controls
  • Large 64 x 128 pixel display with back light
  • Jog/select control encoder for navigating the display
  • 24-bit parallel processing performed by two ADI SHARC DSPs
  • RS-232 connection for upgrading firmware
  • RS-485 connection for remote serial functions
  • Four assignable control input ports (analog) with 0-10 VDC range for external potentiometers
  • Optional wall plates for external control
  • Worldwide compatible power supply

Processing features include

  • Routers
  • Mixers
  • High Pass Filters
  • Low Pass Filters
  • Parametric EQ
  • Compressor/Limiters
  • Level Controls
  • Noise Gates
  • Ducking
  • And Lots More...
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