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Combining superb sonic performance with striking contemporary aesthetic design

Premium Ceiling Speaker

The AMPCS60 Australian Monitor Premium ceiling speaker utilises innovative design & materials to produce a high quality ceiling mount speaker.

Featuring a sealed metal back box, a coaxial 6.5” woofer & 3⁄4” titanium tweeter The Premium Ceiling Speaker delivers a high quality sound reproduction and wide frequency response for critical listening & foreground/background music environments. Rated at 60 watts with 70/100 volt tapings at 7.5w, 15w, 30w and 60w & also featuring a 16 ohm transformer bypass, the Premium Ceiling speaker offers great flexibility, excellent sound reproduction & great value for money from an architecturally friendly, easy to install package.

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QuickFit Installation Ceiling Speakers

QF5A 5” high efficiency speaker & quick fit metal grill 5W 90dB 120Hz-18kHz 5, 2.5, 1, 0.33W
QF6 6” high efficiency speaker mounted to a quick fitting grill. Dual cone full range. 10W 90dB 120Hz-18kHz 10, 5, 2.5,1.25w
QF8 8” high efficiency speaker mounted to a quick fitting grill. Dual cone full range 15W 92dB 70Hz-20kHz 15,10,5,2.5,1.25W
AMPCS60 6.5” Premium ceiling speaker 60W 92dB (1W/1m) 100Hz-20kHz 60, 30, 15W



We have four classes with sound field systems and the teachers in those rooms wouldn’t be without it now. They are thrilled with the instant attention gained effortlessly as they speak to the class in normal conversation. The children stay...

Lindy Brook
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