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IP Rated Music Horn and Horn Speakers

Item Code: MPH5300-HDT35 and HDT60-H16-HK
Australian Monitor offers a wide range of horn speakers for vocal, evacuation, long throw and music applications.


IP66 rated Waterproof, Dustproof

Rated to IP66 standard to meet the most stringent
   requirements for waterproof and dust resistant environments
Temperature range: -30°C to +55°C
30W power rating (RMS)
Frequency response: 500 Hz 7 kHz
Adjustable wattage tappings: 30, 15, 7.5W
107 dB sensitivity (1W/1m)
100-degree dispersion
13 cm bell, 16cm height
3.5 kg
ABS construction
Available with line capacitor (MPH5300C)


HDT35 and HDT60

Horn Drivers

For use with H16 or HK16 fl ares
35W (100V) power rating RMS (HDT35)
60W (100V) power rating RMS (HDT60)
Frequency response: 125 Hz14 kHz
Adjustable wattage tappings: 35, 20, 10W (HDT35);
  60, 40, 20W (HDT60)
110 dB sensitivity (1W/1m)
11.6 cm diameter, 11 cm length.



Round Horn Flare

Round fl are for use with HDT35 and HDT60
Horn driver
95° dispersion
42 cm diameter
4.5 kg
Aluminium construction



Rectangular Horn Flare

Rectangular fl are for use with HDT35 and HDT60
Horn driver
120 x 60° dispersion
41 cm x 26 cm dimensions
4.6 kg
ABS construction
Sturdy, fully adjustable mounting bracket


We have employed the services of SAV Systems for several years now at the Lodge. Their professionalism, service and price point are second to none, as is their equipment and how it is backed up once it is installed into our club, we highly recomm...

Brendan Ozolins
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