What is a Visualizer?

A visualizer is the most flexible presentation tool of our times. It can pick up any kind of material (books, photos, 3D objects) quickly and easily, and provides a high-resolution output
signal for video/data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems

Compared to rather static PowerPoint presentations, a presentation with a visualizer is much more fl exible and “alive” because any content can be displayed at any time – without the need for ordered lists or advance preparation. Typical applications for visualizers include: training; education; meetings; conferences; product presentations; courtrooms (displays of evidence); medical applications (including telemedicine, telepathology X-rays); videoconferencing or telepresence – and many more…

A visualizer enables a presenter to translate ideas into convincing interactive presentations, spontaneously and naturally, and to engage and communicate with an audience in a manner that is more effective than any other presentation method. Ultimately, it ensures that each and every presentation is a memorable experience for all!


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I called Roger. He came straight away, delivered gear the next day, made sensible suggestions to upgrade rather than replace, delivered the final quote within 24 hours and proceeded with order because it was urgent.

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