Thank you for your assistance in the selection of sound field systems for St Therese School. I am very pleased with the quality of the systems. Students and staff now enjoy the benefits of having an integrated audio system in the classroom, linking voice and new technologies in the one system. The installation and commissioning of each system was carried out promptly and professionally, and I am satisfied with the end result. I am grateful for the advice you have offered and appreciate the manner in which you have attended to the tasks you said you would do. I am very happy to recommend your services in this regard.
Jamie Blowes, Principal | St Therese School

Your service has been second to none, I have never experienced such expert care and friendly service in any area of business. Thank You!
Belinda Schammer | Loxton Creative Fitness

We have four classes with sound field systems and the teachers in those rooms wouldn’t be without it now. They are thrilled with the instant attention gained effortlessly as they speak to the class in normal conversation. The children stay focussed for longer, understand instructions immediately and stay on task because they can hear so clearly and feel part of the lesson. Our school has open classrooms adjacent to each other. The sound field systems eliminate competing noise. Teachers comment that group work is much easier to manage. They can be working with a group and without raising the volume, quickly instruct a group across the room to keep them on task. (The ‘voice from above’ is a great adjunct to the ‘eyes in the back of the head’). Children love to use the microphone when presenting for the class. Teachers report that it really supports children with quieter voices and results in a more confident, articulate presentation style as students rise to the occasion of being amplified. Comments from Teachers “I don’t go home so tired and with a sore throat anymore” “I think it’s brilliant, I wish my child’s childcare centre had one” “I think every class should have one” And the Kids say “When the teacher uses the microphone you pay attention and so you know what to do” “It’s so easy to listen” We can certainly notice a difference in student engagement and understanding in lessons. I can see there’s no going back. We will gradually work towards every class in the school having a system in the future.
Lindy Brook, Principal | Richmond Primary School
Thanks for your advice and fantastic service, the decision to buy our system from you has certainly made life easy, Thanks Again.

Dennis O
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