Just a note to say thanks for the quick  and always professional installation for our school. It sounds great and I look forward to our first outdoor performance. I never hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Just letting you know the soundfield system is brilliant!

Well worth it, thank you,

Betty Elsworthy

"SAV Systems have been a critical partner in our mission to equip all teaching and learning spaces across our school with Sound Field Systems. SAV's responsiveness to the needs of our students, staff and school context has helped ensure that the significant investment made has directly and positively impacted learning and wellbeing."

For some students with a disability the transition from one class to another can be a cause of high anxiety. For one of our hearing impaired students who moved into the senior unit this year, this transition was made smoother by the easy transfer of his sound field system from one class to another.  Although it is only the third day of the new school year, the student has already reported to me his new class is .."so cool" and he doesn't need to worry ..'because the teacher's got  the same equipment as my teacher last year". The current teacher, who hasn't previously used a sound field system, has also made many comments about how settled all the children are and their quicker than usual responses to instructions. He shared how attentively they are listening regardless of his position in the room. Several students with high sensory needs in the class are similarly settled because the system doesn't make everything 'louder' necessarily, it simply provides all students equal access to the teacher's instructions and therefore supports a greater level of engagement.

Just thought I would respond to the request to give feedback about our sound systems.

We have been extremely happy with the systems purchased from you this year.  They work really well.

The systems have:

Enabled children to access the curriculum because they can clearly hear the instructions given by the teacher.
Particularly supported the children with hearing issues to access the curriculum
Helped students to speak using correct pronunciation
Enabled children to confidently speak to groups and be heard children love using the system to speak to their class!
When relievers take the class, children remind them to wear the mic so that they can hear instructions more clearly.

I called Roger. He came straight away, delivere...

Graeme Charlton
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